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The Crude Oil Tanker (VLCC) "ARMADA ULYSSES" (GT 160.036 – DWT 310.137,  employed as a bunker storage vessel while anchored off Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia, was laden with 221,000 MT of fuel oil. On 9 October 2016 the vessel sustained sudden internal leakage from cargo tanks to double bottom tanks.

Tsavliris Salvage was contracted to provide salvage assistance and on 12 October a salvage team (consisting of project manager, naval architect, salvage master, salvage officer and salvage engineer) arrived at the casualty from Greece, Holland and Singapore. Local Malaysian agent was appointed to arrange "DSL permits" for the salvage equipment to be transferred on board as the vessel did not have port clearance/free pratique.

On 13 October, 44,464 MT of cargo was STS transferred to receiving tanker "NISSOS KYTHNOS". With extra capacity available, the cargo was transferred internally from the affected tank No.4.

All cargo/ballast operations were within loadmaster sea conditions.

Prior to the next parcel discharge, the vessel required refueling which was not allowed at the specific anchorage position; therefore the owners requested approval from classification society and MPA for a voyage to Singapore. On 15 October, shifting was approved by all parties and the "ARMADA ULYSSES" sailed from Pelepas Titanium anchorage to Singapore eastern bunker anchorage B. An antipollution vessel was berthed alongside the vessel, whilst the salvage equipment arrived on board after refueling was completed.

A salvage plan was submitted and after two meetings with all parties concerned, it was decided that the vessel could remain at bunker anchorage B for a dive inspection. Upon receipt of the underwater inspection report by the MPA, casualty shifted to Raffles reserve anchorage for tank cleaning, inspections and repairs. On 19 October Tsavliris team and equipment demobilised.