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Chemical/Products Tanker "KIRSTIN" - 2016 Nov 17

On 7 October 2016, the Chemical/Products Tanker "KIRSTIN" (GT 30,006 – DWT 50,078) whilst discharging palm oil at Chittagong anchorage suffered stern tube damage/leakage due to contact with another vessel.

On 11 October the AHT "NING HAI TUO 6001" (BHP 6,600 –TBP 80) was dispatched from Chittagong anchorage to provide standby/holding services during lightening/discharge.

Due to prevailing strong currents and adverse weather conditions the "NING HAI TUO 6001" was replaced on 27 October by AHT "TERASEA HAWK" (BHP 16,300 –TBP 203). On 8 November, upon completion of discharge, towage commenced and the convoy arrived safely at Singapore on 16 November where the vessel was delivered to dry dock tugs.