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Q3 2016 TSAVLIRIS ACTIVITIES - 2016 Sep 30


On 5 August 2016 the T/B "ONA DON LORENZO" (4,500 BHP – 62 TBP) was mobilized together with Tsavliris' Salvage Master from Rosario to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "ARCTURUS" (GT 40,008 – DWT 78397) grounded at 150 km mark, Parana Bravo river, Argentina.

During the incident the vessel, was on passage from Nueva Palmira, Uruguay to European ports (Spain/Portugal) via Paranagua, Brazil, laden with 44,000 tonnes of Paraguayan soya beans in bulk.

On 6 August the Salvage Master boarded the vessel and upon completion of all relevant inspections and granting of permission by the Coast Guard, refloating attempts commenced with the assistance of "ONA DON LORENZO" and the ship's engine.

On 7 August the vessel was successfully refloated and proceeded to anchorage for classification and Coast Guard's inspections. Upon completion of all necessary procedures, the Salvage Master disembarked and the tugboat demobilized to Buenos Aires.

The successful salvage operation terminated on 7 August.


On 12 August 2016 the AHT "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" (16,320 BHP – 2015 TBP) was dispatched to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "SILVERSTAR" (GT 19,731 – DWT 31,762), in ballast condition,  immobilised due to mechanical failure in Malacca Straits, 180 miles north-west of Port Kelang, Malaysia, whilst on passage from Bangladesh to Singapore.

The casualty was drifting south-east at 1-1,3 knots towards shallows, distant

20-25 miles. Apparently, the casualty was a dead ship, without generators, unable to operate windlass. A salvage team from the "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" boarded the casualty by rescue boat to assist her crew with the towage connection and towage commenced later on the same day.

On 17 August the port tug "STAR VOYAGER" (5,000 BHP – 60 TBP) was dispatched and connected to the casualty's stern in order to assist (as a steering tug) in the WBG-A anchorage approaches. Pilots boarded both "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" and "SILVERSTAR" and the convoy proceeded towards ASSPU anchorage. During the transit, a port tug was connected to the casualty's bow while the "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" was disconnected.

On 17 August the "SILVERSTAR", assisted by three port tugs, proceeded, after Customs clearance, to the "Paxocean Shipyard" and was delivered to her owners whereupon salvage services terminated.


On 20 August 2016 the TB "HERMES I" (1,500 BHP – 20 TBP) was dispatched to the assistance of Motor Yacht "EMOTION" (LOA 22 M – type PRINCESS 72 Y - built 2012), disabled due to engine problem about 70 miles west of Cephalonia island.

On the same day the towline connection was established and towage to port of Patras commenced.

On 21 August the convoy arrived safely at Patras and the "EMOTION" was berthed alongside with the assistance of "HERMES I".


On 24 June the tugboats "ARGENTINO I" (BHP 3,400 – TBP 42) and "TUMBADOR" (BHP 3,380 – TBP 45) were dispatched from Rosario, Argentina to the assistance of bulk carrier "GEORGIA T" (GT 43,975 – DWT 80,416) disabled at anchor at KM 268 Rio Parana.

Escort services commenced on 25 June (with towlines connected) and were completed on the same day when the convoy safely arrived at Zona Comun anchorage, Argentina.

Passenger (Cruise) Ship "BLACK WATCH"

On 1 July 2016 the ST "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" (BHP 9,600 – 121 TBP) was dispatched from her permanent salvage station at Ponta Delgada, Azores Island, to the assistance of Passenger (Cruise) ship "BLACK WATCH" (GT 28,613) with 696 passengers and a crew of 365 on board. The vessel was immobilised due to generators' fire about 250 miles south east of Ponta Delgada.

The "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" escorted the vessel towards her destination Funchal/Madeira. The services were completed on 2 July and
"TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" was demobilized, arriving at Ponta Delgada on 3 July.