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BC "SILVERSTAR" - 2016 Aug 25

On 12 August 2016 the AHT "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" (16,320 BHP – 205 TBP) was dispatched to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "SILVERSTAR" (GT 19,731 – DWT 31,762), in ballast condition,  immobilised due to mechanical failure in Malacca Straits, 180 miles north-west of Port Kelang, Malaysia, whilst on passage from Bangladesh to Singapore.

The casualty was drifting south-east at 1-1,3 knots towards shallows, distant

20-25 miles. Apparently, the casualty was a dead ship, without generators, unable to operate windlass. A salvage team from the "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" boarded the casualty by rescue boat to assist her crew with the tow connection and towage commenced later on the same day.

On 17 August the port tug "STAR VOYAGER" (5,000 BHP – 60 TBP) was dispatched and connected to the casualty's stern in order to assist (as a steering tug) in the WBG-A anchorage to approach. Pilots boarded both "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" and "SILVERSTAR" and the convoy proceeded towards ASSPU anchorage. During the transit, a port tug was connected to the casualty bow while the "FAIRMOUNT SHERPA" was disconnected.

The "SILVERSTAR", assisted by three port tugs, proceeded, after Customs clearance, to the Paxocean Shipyard and was delivered to her owners where upon salvage services terminated.