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BC "ARCTURUS" - 2016 Aug 08

On 5 August 2016 the T/B "ONA DON LORENZO" (4,500 BHP – 62 TBP) was mobilized together with Tsavliris' Salvage Master from Rosario to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "ARCTURUS" (GT 40,008 – DWT 78397) grounded at 150 km mark, Parana Bravo river, Argentina.

During the incident the vessel, was on passage from Nueva Palmira, Uruguay to European ports (Spain/Portugal) via Paranagua, Brazil, laden with 44,000 tonnes of Paraguayan soya beans in bulk.

On 6 August the Salvage Master boarded the vessel and upon completion of all relevant inspections and granting of permission by the Coast Guard, refloating attempts commenced with the assistance of "ONA DON LORENZO" and the ship's engine.

On 7 August the vessel was successfully refloated and proceeded to anchorage for classification and Coast Guards inspections. Upon completion of all necessary procedures, the Salvage Master disembarked and the tugboat demobilized to Buenos Aires.

The successful salvage operation terminated on 7 August.