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Super-tugs give TSAVLIRIS strong hand in towage market - 2001 Aug 20

The TSAVLIRIS Group is expecting to increase its visibility in the world market for major towage contracts after completing its first ever offshore rig towage in the United States.


This summer, the group successfully completed a 16-day tow of Ocean Rig's brand-new semi-submersible drilling rig "EIRIK RAUDE" from Pascagoula, Mississippi to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The operation also marked the first time that the TSAVLIRIS-operated pair of 40,000 hp salvage tugs "FOTIY KRYLOV" and "NIKOLAY CHIKER", the world's largest and most powerful units, had worked side by side.


TSAVLIRIS Salvage Group said, "Our customers were very happy with our performance and the general level of cooperation that this company provides." They added: "The two tugs excited a lot of admiration in the US where they underwent thorough inspections for the first time. They are impressive machines and kept in exemplary condition."


TSAVLIRIS is traditionally the leader worldwide in emergency response but has executed a number of important towage and offshore contracts with big tugs over the years, including specialised services to the oil and gas industries in the North Sea. The arrival one year ago of the "NIKOLAY CHIKER", operated under the TSAVLIRIS RUSS affiliate, gave the group an identical pair of huge tugs capable of the largest and most sophisticated towages.


"There is no doubt that having this unique pair of tugs is an advantage,"commented the Group. "They can be used in tandem, as for the 'EIRIK RAUDE", while there is also the gain that while one may be committed to a towage operation the other one will often be available for a salvage opportunity."


TSAVLIRIS confirmed that the two giant tugs are currently on salvage station in the Atlantic and the Caribbean and the intention is not to change the company's position as the world's busiest emergency response contractor. "Salvage will continue to be our core business," said TSAVLIRIS of group policy. "However, we have a lot of flexibility and we will not ignore opportunities to employ these vessels for towage and offshore work, where they offer not only the advantage of their power but numerous unique features that most tugs do not have."