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BC "Los Llanitos" - 2015 Nov 26

On 23 October 2015, the Panamax bulk carrier "Los Llanitos" (40,420 GT – 71,731 DWT) grounded on rocky bottom north of Manzanillo, at Barra de Navidad, West Coast Mexico, during the passing hurricane "Patricia" – which was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. On 24 October Tsavliris Salvage was contracted to provide salvage assistance.

On 25 October, Tsavliris Salvage team and their subcontractors Messrs. "Resolve Marine Group'' team arrived on scene.

The prevailing strong winds and heavy swell, did not allow the salvage teams to board the casualty. Due to severe damage sustained by casualty a quick refloating was not possible, therefore the salvage master focused on the removal of marine pollutants in order to limit any potential harm to the environment. Floating oil booms were deployed around the casualty.

As the weather conditions did not allow any approach by sea, all necessary crafts and equipment were mobilized from USA and Panama respectively, through subcontractors as well as locally, and were transferred on board the casualty with the assistance of a local helicopter.

On 28 October the salvage team managed to board the casualty and prepared for the removal of hydrocarbons and chemical pollutants.

About 1,700 litres of chemical products were packed and removed with the use of helicopter and were transferred to shore reception facilities for disposal.

On 14 November the weather conditions slightly improved allowing only the tug "Resolve Commander" to go alongside the vessel for the removal of hydrocarbons which was completed on 19 November. The total amount of hydrocarbons removed was 520,000 litres which were transferred safely ashore between 21 and 24 October.  The one-month operation was successfully completed on 26 November.