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Bulk Carrier “Navios Kypros” - 2015 Jul 17

On 9 June the Handymax Bulk Carrier "Navios Kypros" (31,169 GT - 55,000 DWT), fully laden with general cargo, immobilized due  to main engine problems about 600 miles south of Dutch Harbor - Aleutian Islands,Pacific ocean. On 12 June Tsavliris Salvage dispatched the salvage tug "De Zhou" (16,500 BHP – 205 BP) from Shanghai to her assistance. The salvage operation was completed succesfully on 17 July.

The S/T "De Zhou" arrived at the casualty scene on 22 June and towage commenced to Pusan, South Korea the next day. After 20 days and a distance of 3,200 miles (average speed of 7 knots), the convoy arrived safely at Pusan on 11 July. Following Port Authorities' instructions, the "Navios Cyprus" anchored at anchorage No.5 with the assistance of the S/T "De Zhou", the port tug "Haeryong Soz" and a pilot. The "De Zhou" anchored close to the casualty providing standby services.

The scheduled berthing of the "Navios Kypros" on 12, 13 and 14 July was postponed due to adverse weather conditions caused by the passing typhoon "Chan Hom". On 15 July the weather improved appreciably and the vessel berthed at "Orient Repair Yard" with the assistance of four port tugs and a pilot. The "De Zhou" remained on standby at anchorage No. 4 ready in all respects should any assistance be required due to the typhoon "Nangka" which was passing by Pusan, at a distance of 200 miles.

Salvage services terminated on 17 July when the "Nangka" typhoon subsided and S/T "De Zhou" demobilized to Shanghai arriving on 19 July after a six-week round voyage.