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Aframax Tanker "Lady M" - 2015 Jun 12

On 13 May 2015, the Aframax Tanker "Lady M" (GT 61,991, DWT 115,418), laden with about 93,000 metric tons of low sulphur fuel oil, immobilized about 500 nautical miles south of Azores due to a fire in the main electrical panel. On 14 May the S/T "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" was mobilized from her permanent salvage station at Ponta Delgada, Azores to the assistance of "Lady M".

On 16 May the "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" arrived at the scene of casualty and towage commenced towards Las Palmas later on that day. The tow arrived at the Gran Canaria area on 27 May. A skeleton team boarded the casualty by helicopter to prepare the vessel for inspection. A detailed Tsavliris Salvage Plan was approved by the Harbour Master. After all necessary Spanish Maritime Administration's Surveyor Team inspections, the entry permission was granted by the Maritime Coordination Center.

On 31 May the vessel entered Spanish territorial waters, proceeded to Las Palmas port and, berthed alongside at ''Leon Y Castillo Maciente'' container terminal with the assistance of four port tugs. The "Lady M" was then supplied with electricity from portable diesel driven generators provided by the Salvors.

On 1 June the vessel was shifted at "Reina Sofia" berth as well as the "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" in order to provide stand-by and safety services. The supply of inert gas to the cargo tanks from a portable shore Inert Gas Generator (IGG) commenced together with the supply of steam to the cargo tanks heating coils by a Steam Generator in order to bring temperatures to a safe level. The heavy portable equipment was airlifted from Holland to the Canary Islands by cargo plane. The cargo was later assessed by a chemist team and found to be safe in all the circumstances and at no risk of becoming lost or damaged. Demobilization of personnel, crafts and equipment commenced on 12 June 2015.