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Bulk Carrier "GOODFAITH" - 2015 Apr 20

Οn 11 February 2015,  the Bulk Carrier "GOODFAITH" (GT 16,446, DWT 27,308) grounded on the north west coast of Andros island, Greece in adverse weather conditions. All 22 crew members were rescued by Puma helicopters and by Special Forces from the shore. During the incident the vessel was on passage in ballast, from Elefsis, Greece to Odessa, Ukraine. On the same day, Tsavliris Salvage were contracted to provide salvage assistance.

The S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" (6,250 BHP, 73 TBP) was mobilized from her Piraeus station and EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.) was engaged to provide environmental protection and antipollution services. The oil recovery vessel "AEGIS I" mobilized from Lavrion, Attica and arrived at Port of Gavrion, Andros, with salvage and antipollution teams onboard.

Due to adverse weather conditions prevailing in the area, the salvage team was not able to board the casualty either by sea or by land. At the same time the S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" stood by close to the casualty.

The salvage team managed to board the vessel on 15 February in order to carry out an inspection. It was reported that the engine room, the fore peak tank, and the cargo holds No 1, No 3, No 4 and No 5 were flooded, whilst cargo holds No 4, No 5 and the engine room were contaminated with fuel oil.  The vessel was wedged between rocks aft and had a 12-degree list to port.

On 21 February, the weather conditions improved enabling the "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and the "AEGIS I", to proceed to the casualty's position with a salvage team, including divers and an array of salvage equipment.

All necessary preparations were made and the pumping out of fuel oil began from the engine's room service tank to the "AEGIS I".

The removal of bunkers/pollutants was completed on 28 March. About 310 MT of fuel oil and 50 MT of diesel oil were removed. Demobilization of personnel, crafts and equipment commenced on 29 March.