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Q1 2015 Tsavliris Activities - 2015 Mar 20

Dredger "Tiandao"

The cutter suction dredger "Tiandao" caught fire, capsized and sank at the Port of Gizan in Saudi Arabia, end of November 2014.

CHEC, a Chinese civil engineering (harbour construction) company, owners of subject dredger, responsible for her refloating/raising, engaged Huta Marine Works' 1,200 tons SWL sheer leg crane (Huta 311) for the operation.

On 1 December 2014, TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE were contracted by Huta Marine Works to provide technical consultancy/support including planning, surveillance and risk assessment.

The operation was temporised due to further water-tightening work becoming necessary. Operations resumption expected in mid-April 2015.

General cargo vessel "Lady Gaia"

On 15 January 2015, our  S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" (6,200 BHP - 73 TBP) proceeded from her Piraeus salvage station to the assistance of the general cargo vessel "Lady Gaia"  (6,204 GT - 7,643 DWT) fully laden with a cargo of cement, which had become  immobilized due to main engine failure in Kafireas straits, north of Andros island.

The S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived at the casualty's position later that day, established towage connection and commenced towage towards Piraeus, arriving at Piraeus roads the following morning (16 January).

General cargo vessel "Andromeda S"

On 22 January 2015, the general cargo vessel "Andromeda S" (GT 1,908, DWT 3,170 ), laden  with 2,500 metric of  powder ''Etibor-48'', experienced engine failure about 50 miles south east of Tarragona, Spain. The vessel was on a voyage from Bandirma, Turkey to Tarragona, Spain. Tsavliris Salvage were contracted to provide salvage assistance.

Due to prevailing adverse weather and strong currents, the vessel drifted towards the northern coast of Palma de Mallorca. Salvage tug "Marta Mata", was dispatched from Palma de Mallorca and towed the distressed vessel to Palma de Mallorca Port on 26 January.

The casualty was subsequently towed to the discharge Port of Tarragona by the tug "Charuca Silveira". On 16 February the convoy arrived safely and berthed at the discharging terminal.

Chemical/Products Tanker "FT Odin"

On 6 March 2015, the Chemical/Products Tanker "FT Odin" (GT 2,600, DWT 3,471), experienced mechanical failure and was adrift 12 miles south south west of Kythira island, Greece. The vessel was in ballast en route from Augusta, Italy, to Port Said, Egypt. Tsavliris Salvage were contracted to provide salvage assistance.

Salvage tug "Christos XVIII" (2,366 BHP, 32 TBP) sailed from Souda, Crete to the assistance of "FT Odin". Due to gale conditions prevailing in the area, the casualty was drifting towards the shore. In the meantime, the passing Chemical/Product tanker "Medkem Three" (GT 2,657, DWT 3,742) provided stand by services and

endeavored to connect up in order to prevent the casualty from grounding. The "FT Odin" managed to anchor but experienced significant dragging of both anchors. Upon arrival at casualty's position the salvage tug "Christos XVIII" established towage connection with "FT Odin" and commenced towage to port Gulluk, Turkey. On 8 March the "FT Odin" arrived safely at Gulluk under tow.