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Tsavliris Q4 Activities - 2014 Dec 19


On 21 September 2014, the large modern PAX/RORO vessel "EUROPALINK" (46,119 GT, 9,653 DWT) allided with rocks off Peristeria Islet, north-east Corfu island, Ionian Sea, Greece during a voyage from Patras to Ancona (via Igoumenitsa) with 692 passengers, 70 crew members and 366 vehicles onboard.

The Vessel, which sustained severe bottom damage and a substantial ingress of seawater, managed to proceed to Corfu by its own means, where at the entrance to the port it sustained black out and lost power. The casualty was berthed with the assistance of local tugs.  Shortly after arrival at berth, all persons and vehicles were evacuated, while the Vessel submerged due to flooding.

Tsavliris Salvage team was mobilised from Piraeus while portable salvage equipment was dispatched onboard the Tsavliris tug "HERMES" from Patras. In the meantime, the anti-pollution oil recovery vessel "AEGIS", with full anti-pollution equipment  (skimmers, oil booms etc.) was deployed from Piraeus with the anti-pollution oil separator craft "AKTEA 15".

Following thorough inspections, it was verified that all the bottom tanks and some of the side tanks were flooded due to internal breakage. A salvage plan was approved by the client and also by the local authorities.

The substantial salvage services rendered on a "round the clock" basis, included: environmental protection facilities on site, repairs internally and externally to ensure structural integrity and watertightness, pumping out all flooded spaces and arranging oily water treatment/disposal, washing  down and preservation of all machinery affected by sea water, disposal of oily residues/pollutants to shore installation.

Following final inspection by Official Authorities, the casualty was prepared for towage. The Tsavliris Salvage tug S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" (dispatched from her salvage station at Piraeus) towed the casualty to Yalova, Turkey.  During the tow, the Tsavliris Salvage team remained on board, as riding crew, both for safety and operational reasons. After her arrival at destination, all portable salvage equipment was recovered by S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", which demobilised to Piraeus.

M/V "Sunflower E"

On 16 November 2014, TSAVLIRIS dispatched salvage tug S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS"  from her Piraeus salvage station to the assistance of the general cargo vessel "Sunflower E" (8,604 GT, 13,000 DWT) in ballast condition, disabled due to mechanical failure about 160 n.m. east of Crete  island. The "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived on 18 November and towage commenced to Syros island. The convoy safely arrived the next day at destination and the tow was delivered to Neorion shipyard port tugs. The "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" demobilised to her Piraeus salvage station.


On 26 November 2014, TSAVLIRIS dispatched salvage tug  S/T "Tsavliris Hellas" from her salvage station at Ponta Delgada Azores,  to render standby services to "ZEUS I" (16,833 GT, 27,000 DWT), laden with 25,000 M/T bauxite, at the anchorage of Ponta Delgada.  Standby services were completed on 29 November and the salvage tug returned to Ponta Delgada.


On 4 December 2014 TSAVLIRIS dispatched the T/B "HERMIS" from her station in Patras to the assistance of the general cargo vessel "MALMO" (8,328 GT, 11,444 DWT), laden with cement which immobilised due to engine failure south of Cefalonia island, Ionian Sea. The "HERMIS" arrived at the position of the casualty on 5 December 2014. Tow connection was established and proceeded towards Patras arriving at anchorage on 6 December. With the assistance of "HERMIS", the "MALMO" anchored at the indicated position and "HERMIS" returned to her base in Patras.

Celebration of TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE New Chinese Venture

TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE celebrated its new venture in China with its Chinese partners, Kamji Marine International, hosting a special Reception at the Yacht Club of Greece on Tuesday, 18 November 2014.

Guests included the Minister of Shipping, Maritime Affairs and the Aegean, Mr Miltiades Varvitsiotis and the Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, Mr Liwei Sun, as well as many notable figures from the Greek Shipping Industry.

Tsavliris partners, Kamji Marine Group, were in attendance, visiting all the way from Zhoushan – China. The delegation included the head, Mr Johnny Ma, his colleagues and family members. The event celebrated the successful cooperation and relationship with Kamji Marine, which comprises a reliable, efficient and talented team with considerable experience in marine services in China. Impressively, they are one of China's leading registered Ship Pollution Response Organisations (SPRO).

It was highlighted at the event that the Chinese government passed new Regulations for the Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution from Ships. As from 2012, the Regulations contain a requirement that shipmanagers pre-contract with an approved Ship Pollution Response Organisation (SPRO) prior to the ship arriving in China.

The exclusive partnership between Tsavliris Salvage and Kamji Marine, will serve the Greek shipping industry, assisting Greek controlled ships calling at Chinese ports. Moreover, in the unlikely event of a casualty in Chinese waters, shipowners will have the peace of mind in knowing that Tsavliris Salvage will be available to provide input whether it be in an operational, advisory or technical capacity, to ensure that the level of service they receive is nothing short of first class. In turn, Kamji Marine Group dealing with the Chinese coast guards and port authorities will openly communicate with Tsavliris to ensure Greek ship-owners are kept abreast of the local situation.

The 11th Annual Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards 2014

This year TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE received a special award in recognition of their loyal support and for 10 years of sponsoring the Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards. At a spectacular event on Friday 5 December 2014, the "10 Year Sponsorship" Award was received by the three Principals Nicolas, George and Andreas Tsavliris.

The "Seafarer of the Year" Award  is a highlight of the annual Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards.  This year, Alexandra Tsavliris Andreadis presented the "Seafarer of the Year" Award to the winner, Capt. Nikolaos Douskos from Chandris Hellas. In her speech Mrs Tsavliris summed up the importance of this award by stating that "This is the tenth year that Tsavliris Salvage has sponsored the 'Seafarer of the Year' Award.  Our seafarers are the heart and soul of this industry; without them our industry could not operate.  Each year by honouring an exceptional seafarer we call attention to the merits of all seafarers and the exemplary courage and seamanship which they demonstrate".

The "Seafarer of the Year" Award is one which Tsavliris Salvage Group is honoured and proud to sponsor. Lloyd's List once again held an impressive event with over 1,100 shipping personalities, executives and guests in attendance. Nigel Lowry, Greece's Lloyd's List correspondent and director of the Greek Shipping Awards together with Andriana Paraskevopoulou, journalist, and anchor woman at the Hellenic Public Radio Television, were excellent co-hosts of the event and provided great entertainment.

This year is a particularly special year for TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE, which celebrates 100 years from the birth of the company's founding father, Alexander George Tsavliris; 75 years from the commencement of the first Tsavliris shipping company and 50 years from the foundation of Tsavliris Salvage in 1964.