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TSAVLIRIS Salves Lucy Borchard - 2004 Jul 22

The Greek leading salvor TSAVLIRIS has dispatched S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from Piraeus on 7th of July to assist the container Ship "LUCY BORCHARD", which ran aground in shallow waters in the sea of Korakia, north west of Chios island. During the incident, the vessel was on a passage from Izmir to Barcelona, loaded with over 200 containers. 11 crew who were on board did not suffer any injuries.


TSAVLIRIS owned tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", together with "KERVEROS", a chartered tug which sailed from Thessaloniki, arrived on the scene later afternoon on the same day. A preliminary underwater inspection and a refloating attempt were planned for the next day. A divers report early in the morning revealed that the vessel was sitting on sand mixed with stones, however further inspections were unfeasible due to low visibility. Refloating attempts by both tugs later at noon completed successfully and upon instruction of the port authorities the vessel was towed to the shelter bay of Vollissos, Chios. An additional underwater inspection revealed major damages on the propeller, hull and the rudder.


At Vollissos bay further instructions by the vessels' classification society and harbour authorities were performed. The casaulty was then towed to Piraeus and from there to Constanza for repairs.