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10th Annual Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards - 2013 Dec 02

For the 9th consecutive year TSAVLIRIS took to the podium on Friday 29th November to present the "Seafarer of the Year" Award at the 10th Annual Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards 2013.


Alexander A. Tsavliris, son of Andreas A. Tsavliris, presented the award this year and spoke the following words:


"Ladies and Gentlemen,

Distinguished Guests,

Good evening.

It gives me great pleasure to stand here before you to present this award.

This is the ninth year in succession that our company, Tsavliris, has sponsored the Seafarer of the Year Award and we would like to congratulate Lloyd's List on its 10th Anniversary of this event! Your continuous hard work has made this event impossible to miss and we wish you every continued success!

The role of the seafarer to the world is really an extraordinary one – they are truly the heart and soul of the industry.

It is an age old tradition for our travelers of the sea – the seafarers – to rescue those in distress. Seafarers have always demonstrated exemplary courage and seamanship, and this is a trend that continues.

I would like to therefore emphasize that:

Seafarers are the unsung heroes of shipping.Seafarers are the human face of shipping.Seafarers resolve is tested daily and they make many sacrifices.

For this and many more reasons we should show our seafarers the respect that they deserve and thank them for their hard work.

I believe the words from American philosopher George William Curtis describe the seafarer perfectly:

"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailor that assures the prosperous voyage."

This year's Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards "Seafarer of the Year" for 2013 is shared between two Greek masters - Capt. Dimitris Manolas and Capt. Pavlos Kountouris."


Capt. Dimitrios Manolas, master of ALNAV NAFTILIAKI bulk carrier "TETIEN TRADER", and Capt. Pavlos Kountouris, master of the TSAKOS GROUP tanker "EUROCHAMPION 2004", were honoured for rescuing four Irish sailors from the yacht "WOLFHOUND" in heavy seas off Bermuda earlier this year.


The "Seafarer of the Year" Award is one which Tsavliris Salvage Group is honoured and proud to sponsor. Lloyd's List once again held a spectacular and glamorous event with over 1,000 shipping personalities, executives and guests in attendance. Nigel Lowry, Greece's Lloyd's List correspondent was the Master of Ceremonies.