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TSAVLIRIS Brochure Marks Four Years of High Achievement in Salvage Sector - 2004 Jun 27

Published to coincide with the opening of Posidonia 2004 and the Olympiad in Athens, a colourful 48-page TSAVLIRIS brochure covers a fair number of the significant salvage and towage contracts successfully undertaken over the past four years by the world's most active response contractor.


Major cases illustrated with impressive on-the-job photography include the complex operation to recover about 40,000 tonnes crude from the crippled 87,500 dwt "TASMAN SPIRIT" after the tanker ran aground in 2003 and split in two outside the port of Karachi in Pakistan's worst oil spill; TSAVLIRIS' headline-making six-week battle in 2001 to save the crippled 31.000 dwt "CASTOR" and her highly volatile cargo of unleaded gasoline when the tanker was refused a port of refuge and ordered to remain 30 miles off the coast of Spain; and the marathon 110-day tow from the Aegean Sea to China in 2002 of "VARYAG", a half-completed former Russian aircraft carrier, through Bosporus and Dardanelles via the straits of Gibraltar, the Cape of Good Hope and the Malacca Straits.


Continuing a TSAVLIRIS tradition in which the commercial record is combined with a theme of wider cultural or historical significance to Greece, the brochure also celebrates this year's return of the Olympics to the land of its birth. Reflections on the role played by the Games in Ancient Greece are matched with archive material on the 1896 Athens Olympics, which marked the revival of this supreme sporting event and an "Olympic Champion" cover was specially painted for the brochure by the leading Greek artist Alecos Fassianos. In August 2004, 10,500 athletes from 201 counties will join the Olympic Games in Athens, making this the highest number of countries ever participating in Olympic history; The TSAVLIRIS GROUP, being an avid supporter of athletic events, commemorates this unique sports event through this high standard publication.