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Geared Bulk Carrier “RIO GOLD” - 2013 May 31

On Sunday 5th May 2013, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY", from her Galle (Sri Lanka) salvage station, to the assistance of geared bulk carrier "RIO GOLD" (23,663 GRT, 39,695 DWT), laden with 35,200 MT of cement clinker, grounded on hard rock off South East Preparis Island, Myanmar.


A local naval vessel was dispatched by the authorities to casualty's position to monitor the situation. Tsavliris salvage master arrived on site on Tuesday 7th May and immediately attended meetings with Myanmar Port Authority, SAD (Shipping Agency Department – Government Agency), DMA (Department of Marine Administration) and the Navy, to obtain necessary salvage permits.


On Thursday 9th May, we mobilized AHTS "CONFIDENCE" from Penang for casualty bunkers removal and general services.


On Saturday 11th May, salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" arrived alongside in Yangon for permits, stores and embarkation of salvage team.


On Monday 13th May, salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to casualty's position and connected up. Following connection a refloating attempt was made and was successful with no pollution. "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside portside of the "RIO GOLD" to provide stand by services and support services. An underwater inspection was performed to ascertain damage. It was found that the casualty had sustained propeller, rudder and extensive hull damage.


AHTS "CONFIDENCE" arrived on Friday 17th May and connected towline to the "RIO GOLD", commencing towage to Lumut, Malaysia.


"TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to Yangon Port for outward clearance and documentation – arriving on Sunday 19th May.


On Monday 20th May, "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to rendezvous position with the convoy and took over the towage of the "RIO GOLD" to Lumut Port, with AHTS "CONFIDENCE" escorting.


Convoy arrived safely and anchored off Lumut port limits on Monday 27th May. Both tugs - the "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" and the "CONFIDENCE" - stood by alongside the casualty awaiting instructions. On Tuesday 28th May, the casualty was shifted with the assistance of port tugs to Lumut outer anchorage. Free pratique was granted for all vessels. The "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside with the towline connected, whilst the "CONFIDENCE" anchored nearby the casualty.


For the majority of the month of June underwater repairs such as patching and welding of cracks in the fore peak were performed. It was decided on the 5th June that tug "CONFIDENCE" could be demobilized and she was released back to Penang. Fresh water and supplies were delivered to the "RIO GOLD" and to "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" throughout this time. Salvors were not allowed to demobilize by orders of the Port Authorities.


On the 14th June plans were prepared for the voyage of the convoy from Lumut – stores, fuel and lub was ordered for the journey. Following all temporary repairs and preparations the convoy, "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" towing "RIO GOLD", departed on the 29th June to off Horsburgh Light House.


Steering tug "PW IOTA" connected to the casualty on the 30th June. Convoy safely arrived on the 3rd July where "RIO GOLD" dropped anchor about 19 nautical miles East of Horsburgh Light House. Tug "PW IOTA" was released whilst salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside the casualty.


Salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" is currently providing stand by services to the "RIO GOLD".