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Oil Products Tanker "MAKO" - 2013 Mar 05

On Thursday 14th February, we dispatched salvage tug "KAMARINA", from her Singapore salvage station, to the assistance of oil products tanker "MAKO" (GT 60,504, DWT 104,000), laden with about 89,000 M/T Murban crude oil, experiencing technical problems and steaming at reduced speed, about 115 nautical miles south of Sunda Straits, Indian Ocean. The casualty required tug assistance/support prior to entering the Sunda Strait.


Motor tug "SWISSCO SUPREME" was also fixed and set sail from Singapore on Monday 18th February to assist in the escort, steering or towage of "MAKO".


"KAMARINA" arrived at rendezvous point on the 18th February and awaited the arrival of the second tug, "SWISSCO SUPREME", in order to proceed to the casualty's position.


Following instructions from "MAKO", the "KAMARINA" proceeded to the casualty's position on the 21st February and arrived the same day. Attempts were made to connect the towline, however bad weather conditions did not allow for this. On the 22nd February, tug "SWISSCO SUPREME" arrived and attempted to connect the towline at the stern of the casualty. Once again due to bad weather it was difficult to connect the towline and once connected the towline parted.


Due to improved weather conditions towlines were connected on the 25th February, i.e. "KAMARINA" connected to the bow and "SWISSCO SUPREME" connected to the stern. Convoy commenced towage to Jakarta where safely arrived on 27th February. Both tugs were released the following day - 28th February.