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TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP Annual Pitta Cutting New Year Event 2013 - 2013 Jan 25

The New Year pitta cutting at TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP, an important traditional celebration, took place at the premises of the Piraeus-based international salvage group on Wednesday 23rd January. All employees, including officers from the Greek flag tug fleet, dear friends and close associates were present.


2012 was a good year for TSAVLIRIS, having signed 10 LOF's, and having performed a further 6 significant salvage/towage operations. The ceremony included a blessing with holy water by a priest and in conclusion, Captain George Polychroniou was honoured for his valuable services to the company.


Captain Polychroniou joined Tsavliris Salvage Group on the 12th December 1996, starting off as an Assistant Salvage Officer soon to be promoted to Salvage Master and then elevated to Operations Manager. George has been a dedicated and loyal member of the Tsavliris staff for over 16 years, continuously giving his all to the company. He participated in over sixty salvage operations worldwide and also managed a further sixty from the office. We are proud and honoured to have had him with us.


The pitta was cut and Captain Polychrioniou was the lucky one who won the "charm". A reception followed during which guests and staff enjoyed a pleasant festive event.