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Tsavliris Salvage Group's Quarter 4 Activities... - 2013 Jan 07

On Wednesday 19th September 2012 we dispatched our salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from her Piraeus salvage station to the assistance of bulk carrier "DELOS RANGER" (31,130 GRT, 54,051 DWT), laden with 36,900 M/T grain, disabled due to stern tube problem, requiring towage from Suez Gulf, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan.


On Saturday 22nd September, salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived alongside "DELOS RANGER" and connected up. On same day convoy departed Suez anchorage and proceeded to Aqaba. The convoy encountered adverse weather and strong currents during the towage. Convoy safely arrived on Wednesday 26th September 2012. "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" provided standby services to the "DELOS RANGER" until the 8th October 2012 and then demobilized to Piraeus.


On Wednesday 26th September 2012, the General Cargo Vessel "EVERTON" (GT 6,714,DWT 8,874), fully laden with containerised cargo, was immobilized (with blackout) following engine room/accommodation block fire while in the Mozambique Channel, approximately 180 nautical miles east of Beira.


On the 27th the Guard Utility Vessel "FLEUR DU CAP" was dispatched to casualty's position to render standby safety services until the arrival of a suitable tug. On the 28th the nearest available tug "TERAS HYDRA" was dispatched from Durban and sailed towards the casualty.


Due to prevailing winds, swell and strong currents in the Mozambique Channel, casualty drifted in a southerly direction at about 3 knots.


On the 29th September the "FLEUR DU CAP" arrived at the casualty's position whilst a salvage team of six persons (which had been flown in) left Beira by the contracted Fishing Vessel "VEGAS 12". The salvage team arrived and boarded the "EVERTON" on the 1st October, the vessel was supplied with fresh water and provisions for her crew, and the salvage team immediately went about reinstating the electrical power.


The salvage team continued to improve the sustainability of the electrical systems on board the "EVERTON", the emergency generator was successfully started up providing lights on the starboard side, and navigation lights, etc. were reinstated. Due to the adverse weather salvage tug "TERAS HYDRA" did not arrive until the 4th October 2012, and came alongside to provide fresh water and food supplies. Afterwards "TERAS HYDRA" connected the tow line to the "EVERTON" and the convoy proceeded towards Beira.


The convoy arrived at Beira outer anchorage on the 7th October 2012 where "EVERTON" dropped anchor and "TERAS HYDRA" anchored at a close distance awaiting authorization for port entry.


Due to port congestion at Beira and no available slot at the congested terminal, the decision was made for "EVERTON" to be towed to Durban with a skeleton salvage team onboard the "TERAS HYDRA".


Following preparations onboard the "EVERTON", the "TERAS HYDRA" connected to the casualty and began towage to Durban on the 14th October. Prior to arrival at Durban roads the towing chain parted and the casualty was reconnected by the emergency tow line.


Convoy arrived at Durban roads on the 20th October, however attempts to enter port were postponed due currents and swell; whereupon "EVERTON" dropped anchor with "TERAS HYDRA" alongside. On the 25th October "EVERTON" safely berthed at Dormac berth and was provided with shore power and access to firefighting water. After over one month of salvage services "EVERTON" was safely redelivered to her owners on Monday 29th October 2012.


On the 14th October TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP was contracted to render services to Product Tanker "LIQUID SILVER" (GRT 5,594, DWT 13,863), laden with over 13,000 MT of Thailand cane molasses in bulk, disabled about 150 nautical miles off Shanghai, due to main engine failure.


On the 14th October S/T "MEIJI MARU" (4,400bhp, 50tbp) was fixed from Kagoshima, south Japan. However, departure was not possible due to adverse weather from the typhoon "PAPIROON".


Under the circumstances the S/T "NEW DAE RYUK" (6,000bhp, 75tbp) was fixed from Pyeongtaek, South Korea, and dispatched to casualty's position on the 16th October. However, due to adverse weather conditions at the west coast of South Korea, the tug proceeded for shelter at Kunsan around noon on the same day.


The "MEIJI MARU" sailed from Kagoshima on the 17th October but due to adverse weather conditions she proceeded to the west coast of South Japan for shelter.


Both tugs resumed their voyage on the 18th October and proceeded to the casualty at about 10knots. The weather at casualty's position improved significantly.


The "MEIJI MARU" was released on the 19th October, whilst the "NEW DAE RYUK" continued toward the casualty's position.


The "NEW DAE RYUK" arrived at the casualty's location on the 20th October. Upon arrival the casualty was supplied with fresh water, the tow line was connected and towage proceeded towards Kunsan, South Korea.


The convoy safely arrived at Kunsan anchorage on the 25th October 2012 and "LIQUID SILVER" dropped her anchor with "NEW DAE RYUK" nearby providing standby services. Fresh water was supplied to the vessel.


On the 26th October "LIQUID SILVER", with the assistance of port tugs and pilots, berthed along at Kunsan Port. The same day the vessel was redelivered to her owners.