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Mr. Andreas A. Tsavliris visits with China's Minister of Transport in Beijing - 2012 Nov 01

In October 2012, Mr. Andreas A. Tsavliris, President of the International Salvage Union and Principal of Tsavliris Salvage Group, was invited to Beijing to attend the Comite Maritime International Conference to speak on the highly relevant and controversial topic of Environmental Salvage.


Whilst in China, Mr. Tsavliris was honoured to meet with the Minister of Transport, Xu Zu Yuan, where they had a very pleasant in-depth discussion for over an hour and half, discussing general shipping matters and issues concerning the international shipping community. During their talks it was with great pleasure to discover that the Minister was positive and supportive to the ISU's proposals for the modest changes to the 1989 Salvage Convention to be made.


The Minister of Transport supports the introduction of a salvage award which recognizes salvors' efforts to prevent or minimize damage to the environment during salvage operations. Mr. Tsavliris thanked the Minister for his kind hospitality and congratulated him on China's strength and position within the international shipping community.


It is very gratifying to see China behind ISU Members and their recognition of the vital service to which salvors provide to the shipping industry. Tsavliris Salvage Group had the pleasure to work in China recently on the salvage operation "BET PRINCE" and look forward to continuing a good working relationship.